Blurred Justice

Season 1 Chapter 4
The Buckley Job


From the notes of Tom Park

The target: a Devils delivery van loaded with something valuable to someone in Buckley.

The job: ambush it and take it down.

The problem: it wasn’t alone.

Three bikers escorted the van as it made its way from the Devils’ warehouse to the gate at Buckley, adding to our growing list of problems. Nevertheless, Diesel pursued with Pandora and Hex in tow, keeping a bead on the target. Tight driving kept him on course, and a lucky thing, cause the van took a new route than what we expected too.

Merrick, Pavlov and I hatched a new plan to ambush the convoy. We only had one spike strip and one jammer, but it would have to do. And they would need covering fire, so we headed east and dropped me off out of sight.

The neighborhood was as ugly as the gangers we’d been dealing with, but Lady Luck gave me one wink: it was also mostly abandoned. I found a two-story, gutted and left for dead, and set up shop with my trusty rifle, having a clear view of the road where we knew the payload would have to go down.

Several long seconds went by, then I saw the van, flanked by its go-gang escort, heading my way. Everything happened at once.

Merrick pulled out of the alley, right in front of the van. Pavlov kicked open the back doors, deployed the spike trap, and fired our signal jammer. Diesel, close behind the target as it came around the corner, threw his van around until it slammed into one of the tailing bikers. As he did that, the doors to his van opened, and Pandora opened fire from the back, taking out the other biker. One shot from me, meanwhile, took down the lead cyclist. And then Hex shut down the van.

It was over in a flash. The payload was disabled, its escort dead, and now we were headed into a firefight.

Like before, it was quick, brutal, and deadly – though this time Pavlov did not throw any flashbangs at himself or his allies. And when all was said and done, we were left with a pile of bodies to deal with, and ten strange devices in the target’s cargo.

Merrick and I loaded the bodies into the HCC’s van and sent it home. Meanwhile, Hex plugged himself into one of the devices – one of the two we were keeping for HCC.

  • Hex pulls a file off the payload but barely escapes
  • We drop off the delivery
Season 1 Chapter 3
Beauty and the Beast


From the notes of Tom Park

The three of us were huddling in the dark like a little school girl hiding from the bully after her lunch money… Only our lunch money was an ugly lowlife named Gorgeous Gail.

She came to, and we told her who hired us. Her response told us enough – 3-Eyes didn’t want her alive to bake her a welcome-home cake. She also told us why the Devils were so recently rich. Turns out they’d been making runs to Buckley for awhile now, delivering shipments of some kind of silver tube, purpose unknown, for large sums of cash. Gail had no way of knowing who ran Buckley or what they were actually after.

The Coursers were almost on top of us, but something else pulled them away – distracted them. Someone had pulled our fats out of the fire. But who?

We found out as soon as our ride showed up. The dwarven hacker, Hex – who evidently felt he had something better to do that day – had been all the distraction we needed, and he brought along new friends: Pandora and Diesel.

Everyone piled into the van and we got out. On the way, I suggested we put Gail out of her misery, rather than add to the tragedy of this sick city by giving her over to 3-Eyes, but the baser (greedy) natures of the group prevailed, and we handed her over. Money’s always talked, but I’ve never had a great taste for it when it was so soaked in blood.

3-Eyes was happy with his prize but none-too happy with the shootout at the apartments. He left Pavlov with a black eye and would have done more, if I hadn’t pointed out that the lie at the diner, and the badge at the apartments, weren’t implicating the HCC at all but Lone Star. A lucky break.

3-Eyes had bigger plans for us anyway. His little “chat” with Gail gave him the route the Devils took for their run to Buckley, and he wanted in on those payments. We were to intercept a shipment, take a look around the airfield, and bring back the payment – to the HCC, not the Devils.

Our plan seemed simple. Diesel would stalk the target, letting Hex hack the vehicle’s systems to shut it down. Then we would intercept it in a second car, on loan from the HCC, take out the Devils, and continue on to Buckley. In case of trouble, Pandora prepared a spike strip trap to physically disable the car. One way or the other, we’d set up the ambush.

Difficulties started when Merrick and I took a look around the airfield. We stumbled upon a checkpoint, drawing the suspicion of the Devils. We got out fine, but our first car was now known, and we’d need a new one. An easy problem for Pavlov to solve – he talked his way into the second set of wheels.

The plan was set.

Except as soon as the heist began, we realized the target was not alone.

Not even close.

Season 1 Chapter 2
Meeting Beauty


A.K.A Don’t throw grenades at yourself

Our runners were tasked to find “Gorgeous” Gail and bring her to meet the leader of the High Country Coursers. After briefly reconning the area, our fearless face attempted to infiltrate building where Gail was expected to be. Unfortunately, he was identified by one of Gail’s cronies and attempted to portray himself as a reporter doing a story on gangs. This confused Gail and her men so they attempted an interrogation. After his companion was captured, Merrick burst into the apartment escalating the situation. With some quick thinking Pavlov convinced the gangers that Merrick was his body guard. Unfortunately there were too many concerns for the gangers so they called in backup. Things. Got. Bad.

Pavlov dropped a flash-bang at his feet and the blind firefight began. Tom, waiting patiently for ganger backup decided that no further troops were inbound and joined the fight. When it was all said and done two gangers lay in a bloody mess and Gail lay unconscious with half of her left foot gone and a bullet lodged in her right leg. She was stabilized but in definite need of medical help.

With some quick thinking, Tom dropped his forged Lonestar badge and put a round through it in hopes of making the fight look like a Lonestar raid and the runners carried Gail to an empty house while they waited for their ride.

In the front of Gail’s apartment the low grumble of street cruisers could be heard…

Tom’s Summary

The team decided to head to Tom’s apartment first, so he could gear up, having left his rifle behind previously. En route, however, the dwarven decker bailed, and now they were down to two. At the apartment, they called Lydia and asked for reinforcements. Lydia decided to send them a new recruit, a Face by the name of Pavlov. She also warned them about the Dervishes, a go gang known to roam the area of Gail’s address.

The Face arrived shortly. Geared up and ready to go, the team took another ride to the apartments where Gail was said to hang out. As soon as they arrived, they realized their address was more vague than not, and there was no precise way to identify where Gail would be hiding up.

Tom decided to setup up camp with his sniper rifle on a roof across the street from the potential targets and began to lookout. Pavlov walked the streets. He had no luck finding any lead on Gail, except to find that no one wanted to talk about anyone named Gorgeous Gail. Merrick headed around behind the apartments, finding more abandoned buildings, including one that afforded him a few of the backside of the target area.

Pavlov decided to meanwhile investigate the central building. He headed inside, hoping to bluff his way past any questioning residents while he searched for Gail’s whereabouts, or any other sign of the Devils.

On the roof, Tom spotted several Devils exit the western building, hop into a car, and take off.

Inside, Pavlov runs into a pair of Devils while poking around the second floor. He tells a story about being a pusher with a deal for Gail, but his mention of her name sets the thugs off, and they force Pavlov into their apartment. Inside, Pavlov sees what is unmistakenably their target: the heavily scarred Gorgeous Gail.

Pavlov’s comm having gone down, Merrick immediately abandons his post and sprints into the building. He soon arrives at the apartment to find Pavlov surrounded by Devils and being interrogated by Gail.

Pavlov spun a quick tale of being a reporter, with Merrick his bodyguard. Yet when it became clear that Gail would not fall for it, calling for backup, he took final action, throwing his flashbang grenade at his feet to blind the room and buy him and Merrick time.

It worked, of course, but Merrick and Pavlov were just as much its victims.

Meantime, Tom heard the bang and leapt into action, leaving his sniper rifle and drawing his revolver as he ran into the building. He arrived to find the room in the midst of a shootout, with Pavlov still stumbling blind and deaf, and Merrick exchanging fire with the thugs. Soon Gail was attempting to flee, but Tom put her out with a bullet in her leg. The thugs followed soon after, but now their cover was blown, and they had no way to extract a wounded Gail.

Fleeing out the building’s rear, the runners found temporary shelter in the abandonded building Merrick had investigated earlier – just in time to hear the tell tale sound of dozens of the go-gang’s bikes come roaring onto the scene.

Season 1 Chapter 1
Not your grandma's apple pie


A.K.A. Intimidation and lies… works every time

Our runners are sent to a local diner to apprehend a rival gang member. Their goals are simple: find the mark, interrogate the mark, and keep it quiet. A bonus has been offered to make an example of the mark.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned. The mark never showed and the low-level drug pusher that was supposed to lead our runners to the mark turned out to be in business for himself.

Fortunately, our runners kept their cool and despite several shots being fired they were able to extract the location of the mark without any bloodshed.

Tom’s Summary

A decker, an ex-cop, and a troll walk into a bar.

It’s really just any bar. And the three men are there to meet a woman. She’s not just any woman. Her name is Lydia “Johnson”, and she’s a broker. And she has a story to tell.

There are many gangs in the near-lawless city of Aurora, just outside the free city of Denver. They fight endless wars against each other, each struggling for their little piece of the pie in the great game. For each gang, their own war is everything. But the power exchange is linear. A push here, a fumble there, and one piece of the pie moves from one hungry mouth to the other.

But the Devils are different. No one knew them, because they weren’t worth anything beyond their little corner of the world. Except lately, their power is growing, and no one can explain why. And as that growth is exponential, it’s a matter of concern.

Gorgeous Gail was a member of one of these concerned gangs, but she parted ways and joined the Devils. Now she’s a lead, and a target.

The runners get their mission: find Gorgeous Gail, find out what she knows about the Devils’ rise to power, then kill her. There’s pay for the first and second, and a bonus for the third.

The decker, the ex-cop, and the troll leave the bar. Each has their own stake in the game, and now they are thrust together to solve a mystery. For some, it’s about the mystery. For others, it’s the money. Either way leads down the same road.

The decker is dwarf named Hex. His dress is modest – exceedingly modest. If we’re speaking of money, then he’s nearly broke. But the strange bulge in his coat answers the mystery: a deck, his interface to the Net and all of its secrets.

He rides in a taxi to their destination with the ex-cop, a human named Tom Park. Tom wears a long overcoat and packs a nasty revolver, but it’s impossible to notice that his left arm is not factory original.

The bruiser takes his own ride. A troll named Merrick, his physique says everything about his deadliness. He carries no open weapons, but one suspects that is not to his detriment in the least.

They have a lead. Gorgeous Gail ran drug deals outside a diner named Joe’s Pie Shop, making money drops with a dealer named Shifty. The dealer was a nobody, but the drops happened regular enough.

The runners meet at a bar across the street from a diner and set up near a window. From there, they spot Shifty – only he is not alone but flanked by two thugs. And on the street corner, another man keeps watch.

Hopeful to find more, Hex retires to the restroom and pulls out his deck. He tries to hack into the diner, hoping to find security cameras or anything that would let him spy on Shifty.

Tom goes for a more direct approach, acknowledging that good eats is crucial to a good stake out. He heads out to the diner and orders three burgers to go. Inside, he observes Shifty more closely. The punk is not withdrawn, shy, or even all that shifty – he is instead boisterous and arrogant.

Wondering that Johnson’s intel may be outdated, Tom returns to the bar with the burgers, taking the long way around to avoid the watch’s prying eye. Hex returns from his own venture with little in hand. The runners settle in to see what more they might learn.

Shifty was supposed to be small fry, but as the day wore on, the sheer volume of traffic put that intel to lie. Shifty was getting not only numerous deals, but he wasn’t even handling them himself. Instead, his watch at the street corner took the deals. And they weren’t lunch sacks full of greasy money either. Large sums of money were being exchanged, and visitors came by in luxurious vehicles.

Yet through all of it, there was no sign of Gorgeous Gail.

Wanting to know more, Hex tapped Merrick to escort him behind the diner, where he could tap into Shifty’s phone calls directly. The two left the bar and crossed the street, leaving Tom as lookout.

The pair made their way behind the shop and Hex set up his deck. Soon enough, he was in, but he fumbled masking his trace. He tapped enough of the line to hear Shifty swear, and Hex knew he was caught.

The lookout and one of Shifty’s bodyguards immediately began to search. They split up and began to flank around the diner. As Tom watched, Shifty and the last bodyguard began to leave.

Behind the building, as the thugs drew on Hex and Merrick, the troll responded with intimidation, daring the thugs to press their issue or bugger off. They were unwilling to stand up to the troll and began to dither.

Meanwhile, Tom stumbled out of the bar and into the fleeing bodyguard. The moment they touched, Tom drew his own gun and flashed his old badge, pretending to be Lone Star. The guard immediately fled. Left alone, Shifty began to flee himself, towards the back of the diner, but Tom stopped him with a single warning shot.

Meanwhile, the thugs began to fire at Merrick and Hex. The decker exchanged fire, while the bruiser began to swing at the thugs.

Under threat of arrest, Shifty revealed that Gorgeous Gail no longer dealt on this corner, but he had an address. Tom took the address then forced Shifty to call off his other minions. Shots had already been exchanged behind the diner, but at Shifty’s word, they backed off.

Shots exchanged, but no one wounded or killed. And now the runners had their lead on Gorgeous Gail.

Season 1
Playing Chess in the Highlands

For reasons all their own, a group of runners has taken up life in the Aurora Warrens. With money tight and being new on these streets they take the only job available to them.


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