The Driver


>ENTER PASSWORD: ****************

>Birth Name: Jon Petty, Jr.
>Primary Alias: Diesel
>Place of Birth: Denver, Aurora Warrens
>Age: 32

>Jon Petty, Jr. was born in the Aurora Warrens. His parents were go-gangers and, according to them, he was born in the back of a Toyota Gopher.

>As a kid growing up in a go-gang, Jon learned how to drive almost before he learned how to walk. When he was 12 years old his parents died in a high speed car crash on the run from a rival go-gang.

>After his parents died he traded in his Harley for a FakeSIN and a job with Old Dominion Freight Company and drove all over the country but whether he was making a run to Seattle or Quebec he always found himself back in Denver, his home.

>After a few deliveries he had saved up enough to get a control rig and then the drive became more than a job, it became part of him. When jumped into his big rig on the open road Jon had never felt freer, this was the life. This was the kind of thing go-ganger lowlifes only dreamed of but Jon was living it.

>A little long haul now and then meant Jon made his deliveries in record time and he soon became Old Dominion’s driver of the month for the Front Range Free Zone sector three months in a row and was on track for a promotion.

>All was going well with the Old Dominion gig until one night during a long haul up to Seattle he got into a bad wreck. He was fine, his rig was fine, but the Rolls Royce Phaeton was not, nor was its passenger, some shareholder of Aztechnology. It didn’t matter that the wreck wasn’t his fault.

>It wasn’t long before inquiries were made and Jon’s FakeSIN got him fired from Old Dominion. After that, Jon returned to the Aurora Warrens with nothing but a control rig, a van, a pistol, and a new identity looking to find work doing the only thing he knows how to do, drive.


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