Physical Adept



Body 5
Agility 5
Reaction 5(8)
Strength 5
Willpower 1
Logic 2
Intuition 2
Charisma 1

Essence 6
Magic 7
Initiative 7(10) + 1(4)D6
Physical Limit 7
Mental Limit 4
Social Limit 3


Close Combat 6
Athletics 5
Navigation 4
Survival 4
Tracking 5
Perception 5
Astral Combat 5
Pistols 4
Sneaking 4
Etiquette(Smugglers/Pirates) 4
Intimidation(Physical) 6
Pilot Groundcraft 2
Pilot Watercraft 2
Pilot Aircraft 2

Magic Threats 2
Smuggling/Piracy Knowledge 2
Corp Knowledge 2
Critter Knowledge 2

Adept Powers:

Improved Reflexes 3
Mystic Armor 2
Combat Sense 1
Danger Sense 1
Improved Sense (Low-Light Vision)
Astral Perception
Critical Strike
Killing Hands


Yamaha Growler


Defiance EX Shocker (Hidden Arm Slide, 6 rnds )
Taurus Omni-6 (Quick-Draw Holster, 2 Speed Loaders, 20 Heavy pistol rnds, 20 Light pistol rnds)
Survival Knife
Telescoping Staff


Lined Coat


Survival Kit
Respirator 6
Renraku Sensei Commlink 3
Goggles (Flare Comp, Image Link, Magnification) 3
Geiger Counter and Atmosphere Sensor 3
Trauma Patch


  • +2 dice to Unarmed Combat tests (Mentor Spirit Shark)
  • When taking physical damage make a Charisma+Willpower test (wound modifiers apply). You go berserk for (3 – # of hits) turns. If already berserk add to the duration. While berserk go after attacker(s) without regard for your safety. If you run out of targets you attack their bodies. (Mentor Spirit Shark)
  • Hates bullies. Must make Charisma+Willpower(4) test to take action against the weak, poor, and downtrodden, generally speaking those who are incapable of protecting themselves. If forced will attempt non-lethal. (Code of Honor)
  • When using Leadership/Etiquette skills -1 to the # of 1s needed to glitch when interacting with someone or situation that reminds him of Leeka. (Social Stress)
  • +1 dice defending against ranged and melee attacks (Combat Sense 1)
  • Always allowed perception test before surprise situation (Combat Sense)
  • +1 to surprise tests (Danger Sense 1)
  • +1 to DV for Unarmed Combat (Critical Strike)


Merrick is tall, roughly 6’5”, caucasian but with dark tanned skin from a lifetime of working outside. He has dark blue/green eyes, a muscular athletic build, and dark brown hair but he usually shaves his head. His body is scattered with a variety of tattoos, typically either sailor/pirate symbology (anchors, navigational iconography, skulls/crossbones) or sharks as the subject and the styles ranging between pacific island, tribal, celtic, and the more traditional. Merrick has learned to work as part of a team, but is a natural loner. Typically coming off as quiet and brooding to others, and that’s if he’s in a good mood. He has a deeply sarcastic and cynical sense of humor. If he’s chuckling to himself it’s probably because something awful is about to happen. Merrick has been treated well by very few in this world and has difficulty with relationships. As a result he takes friendship very seriously.

Note to other players:

Merrick is a quiet and solitary person. Therefore it is unlikely that he’s shared much of his history w/ other characters unless specifically mentioned in game. That said, I have no problem w/ sharing Merricks background. Just keep in mind that even though you know this stuff your character probably doesn’t.


Merrick grew up an orphan among the toxic zones and farming communities of the northern Big Sur Coast in the California Free State. By the time he was old enough to ask there was no one around who could tell him if his parents were dead or if they’d abandoned him. There was an old bear shaman who Merrick suspected knew more, but when pressed all he did was look sadly at Merrick and tell him that he was born by violence and that violence would forever be a part of his life. The farming community he started out in took care of him, but no one family in particular took him him. This served Merrick just fine. He was unusually head strong for a young boy and acknowledged no authority other than his own. In fact the only person who seemed to be able to get Merrick to do anything was Leeka. A few years younger than Merrick, Leeka was fascinated by the orphan boy who belonged to no one. She followed Merrick everywhere and figured out early on that you couldn’t tell Merrick to do anything. But if you asked he was usually accommodating.
Late in 2061 Merrick was a boy no older than 10. He, Leeka, and a few other children headed down to the nearby beach, one of the few in the area not a toxic waste zone, to watch Halley’s comet in the evening sky. Not long after a gang showed up. Young wannabe go-ganger teen punks. One of them was a teenage boy from the same farm community as Leeka and Merrick. This kid had always hated Merrick, the arrogant younger boy who never accepted the “natural order” of things. So when Merrick refused to show him the proper respect in front of his gang buddies he decided to teach Merrick a lesson. Easily twice Merricks size, the boy struck him to the ground, then with his buddies yelling him on in the background he proceeded to drag him down to the shallow water and started drowning him. Leeka yelled and tried to stop him but he simply pushed the small girl to the ground with a backwards swipe of his hand. Merricks body ached from the blows that were just now beginning to turn into welts and bruises, his lungs screaming every time his head was shoved below the waves and held there, Merrick’s heart beat with rage. It was then that Merrick heard Shark speak to him for the first time. Answering his rage, “No man holds power over you; Suffer not this fools arrogance to live”. He whispered into Merricks ears, telling him how to focus his strength, when and where to strike. The first blow caught the older boy completely off guard, suddenly coughing up blood and doubling over into the water. For the next few moments all that could be seen was splashing and frothing water. Then Merrick rose from shallow sea with primal scream and marched back towards the others. His body dripped with a mixture of seawater and blood, his eye’s appeared black as death, and his teeth looked like they had taken the razor sharp triangular shape of sharks teeth. All of the kids, young and old ran, including Leeka. His anger abated, Merrick appearance returned to normal and he to began to head home. No one thought to grab the other boys body, and judging from the nearby circling fins there’d be little to find for anyone who came searching later.
After the incident at the beach, the local farming community never felt terribly comfortable with Merrick. Even after Leeka explained that it was self defense. The fact that a boy that young could kill so effectively and remorselessly put everyone off. So Merrick left. He spent the next 5 years wandering the northern big sur coast. Only returning occasionally to see Leeka. He often lived amongst the various farming communities in the area. The endless war between these farms and the corporate thugs trying to drive them off there land made Merrick and his skills useful. But at the same time people felt unease at the boy who could kill a man with all the same depth of thought and feeling as one might apply to opening door. Civilization, or what passed for it in the Sur anyway, began to reject Merrick and Merrick started rejecting it in turn. Spending more and more time wandering the wilds and toxic zones. After all, if he had to kill something out there, nobody bitched about it.
One day Merrick was camping along the coast. An agro-corp goon that didn’t appreciate his occasional aid to the farmers caught word that he was nearby and decided to track him down with a buddy. They attempted to jump Merrick but he heard them coming. An all out brawl between two young men and one teen ensued. Unbenounced to any of them Grania O’Malley, the pirate queen, was anchored just off the beach. O’Malley had her own navy and airforce, and had built her own pirate paradise in the southern half of Big Sur. These days her and her crews regularly passed through the north as they smuggled contraband in and out of the bay area under the nose of General Saito and the California Protectorate. When her and her crew caught site of the fight on the beach they decided to kick back and enjoy the show. Impressed at how Merrick put the two guys down O’Malley yelled out “Well drek me. One of you idiots go ashore and offer that kid a job”.
Merrik spent the following 7 years as a low level enforcer in O’Malley’s organization. Smuggling goods by ship or t-bird and raiding japanese ships. In early 2074 Merrick was on a smuggling run up along the coast to the bay on a boat skippered by a guy who went by Silver Jack. Jack used to work for the Dread Pirate Paco but switched sides when O’Malley took Paco out a few years earlier. There were about halfway on their trip north when Jack suddenly pulled into a small dock on the coast. He told everyone they were picking up some extra cargo, and as long as everyone kept their mouths shut about it, particularly to O’Malley, there’d be extra nuyen for all of them. Then Merrik saw why. The “cargo” was actually a bunch of young girls. It wasn’t uncommon for girls to be kidnapped and then sold as prostitutes to brothels run by the yakuza in San Francisco. O’Malley, however, had always felt the slave trade was beneath her. A sentiment Merrick shared. But the rest of the crew were old hands of Jack’s, and he knew there would be no objections other than his. To make matters worse, one of the girls looked up and Merrick realized it was Leeka. Knowing he was outmanned and outgunned Merrick blew the ordnance they were smuggling near the motor damaging it. He used the distraction to sneak up and take out the one guard watching the girls. Then yelled at the girls to run, grabbed Leeka by the wrist, and dove overboard disappearing into the blackness of the night time sea.
Merrick took Leeka back to the farming community. She wanted to go with him but he refused. He was unwelcome there and he couldn’t go back to the pirates. He knew Silver Jack would have returned and reported him a traitor and responsible for the failed smuggling job. His only choice was to try and hide in the wilds on his own for awhile and then figure things out from there. For the next year Merrick managed to hide. But one day Jack and his men managed to catch up with him, just as the Sons of Liberty (SOL) caught up with them. The SOL where US military that decided not to abandon their posts when the UCAS pulled out. Over the years they’d turned into a sort of rag-tag law enforcement operation, or at least the closest thing to law there is in Big Sur. They sometimes viewed the pirates as business men, sometimes as crooks, but apparently they’d had a few run ins with Jack and had decided he needed to be put down. Son’s of Liberty seemed to think that Merrick was just another pirate, so when the fighting started both groups were trying to kill each other and Merrick. Afterwords all Merrick could remember of the fight was pain. Pain and rage. At some point he took a round to the shoulder, and the pain and rage drove him into a blind killing frenzy. When he came too he was covered in blood and surrounded by bodies. He looked around and saw that Jack wasn’t there, probably slipping away like a coward in the middle of the fighting. Based on the number of bodies some of the SOL members had walked away as well. That’s when he saw it. Some of the SOL members wore helmets. Among the bodies was one whose helmet had come off in the fighting, revealing Leekas cold dead face.
Merrick was devastated by Leekas death, unsure if she had been killed by the pirates or his own hands. He woke regularly with nightmares, seeing Leeka’s dead body in his dreams. Barely having the will left to live, let alone care about his home or place in the world, Merrick decided it was time to leave. After all, he was the social pariah of the farmers he’d grown up with and wanted for dead by now both the pirates and the SOL.
Merrick only had one old friend left that he could think of. An ork fixer named Spike. He worked out of the east bay and had affiliations with the Metahuman People’s Army (MPA). Saito’s protectorate came down on him hard in 68 and he only got out of the Bay Area alive thanks to Merrick. He’d relocated to the Aurora Warrens in Denver after escaping the protectorate. Merrick figured Spike could hook him up with some work. And maybe Denver was far enough east to escape his past, and just maybe, his guilt.


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