Blurred Justice

Season 1 Chapter 2

Meeting Beauty


A.K.A Don’t throw grenades at yourself

Our runners were tasked to find “Gorgeous” Gail and bring her to meet the leader of the High Country Coursers. After briefly reconning the area, our fearless face attempted to infiltrate building where Gail was expected to be. Unfortunately, he was identified by one of Gail’s cronies and attempted to portray himself as a reporter doing a story on gangs. This confused Gail and her men so they attempted an interrogation. After his companion was captured, Merrick burst into the apartment escalating the situation. With some quick thinking Pavlov convinced the gangers that Merrick was his body guard. Unfortunately there were too many concerns for the gangers so they called in backup. Things. Got. Bad.

Pavlov dropped a flash-bang at his feet and the blind firefight began. Tom, waiting patiently for ganger backup decided that no further troops were inbound and joined the fight. When it was all said and done two gangers lay in a bloody mess and Gail lay unconscious with half of her left foot gone and a bullet lodged in her right leg. She was stabilized but in definite need of medical help.

With some quick thinking, Tom dropped his forged Lonestar badge and put a round through it in hopes of making the fight look like a Lonestar raid and the runners carried Gail to an empty house while they waited for their ride.

In the front of Gail’s apartment the low grumble of street cruisers could be heard…

Tom’s Summary

The team decided to head to Tom’s apartment first, so he could gear up, having left his rifle behind previously. En route, however, the dwarven decker bailed, and now they were down to two. At the apartment, they called Lydia and asked for reinforcements. Lydia decided to send them a new recruit, a Face by the name of Pavlov. She also warned them about the Dervishes, a go gang known to roam the area of Gail’s address.

The Face arrived shortly. Geared up and ready to go, the team took another ride to the apartments where Gail was said to hang out. As soon as they arrived, they realized their address was more vague than not, and there was no precise way to identify where Gail would be hiding up.

Tom decided to setup up camp with his sniper rifle on a roof across the street from the potential targets and began to lookout. Pavlov walked the streets. He had no luck finding any lead on Gail, except to find that no one wanted to talk about anyone named Gorgeous Gail. Merrick headed around behind the apartments, finding more abandoned buildings, including one that afforded him a few of the backside of the target area.

Pavlov decided to meanwhile investigate the central building. He headed inside, hoping to bluff his way past any questioning residents while he searched for Gail’s whereabouts, or any other sign of the Devils.

On the roof, Tom spotted several Devils exit the western building, hop into a car, and take off.

Inside, Pavlov runs into a pair of Devils while poking around the second floor. He tells a story about being a pusher with a deal for Gail, but his mention of her name sets the thugs off, and they force Pavlov into their apartment. Inside, Pavlov sees what is unmistakenably their target: the heavily scarred Gorgeous Gail.

Pavlov’s comm having gone down, Merrick immediately abandons his post and sprints into the building. He soon arrives at the apartment to find Pavlov surrounded by Devils and being interrogated by Gail.

Pavlov spun a quick tale of being a reporter, with Merrick his bodyguard. Yet when it became clear that Gail would not fall for it, calling for backup, he took final action, throwing his flashbang grenade at his feet to blind the room and buy him and Merrick time.

It worked, of course, but Merrick and Pavlov were just as much its victims.

Meantime, Tom heard the bang and leapt into action, leaving his sniper rifle and drawing his revolver as he ran into the building. He arrived to find the room in the midst of a shootout, with Pavlov still stumbling blind and deaf, and Merrick exchanging fire with the thugs. Soon Gail was attempting to flee, but Tom put her out with a bullet in her leg. The thugs followed soon after, but now their cover was blown, and they had no way to extract a wounded Gail.

Fleeing out the building’s rear, the runners found temporary shelter in the abandonded building Merrick had investigated earlier – just in time to hear the tell tale sound of dozens of the go-gang’s bikes come roaring onto the scene.



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