Blurred Justice

Season 1 Chapter 3

Beauty and the Beast


From the notes of Tom Park

The three of us were huddling in the dark like a little school girl hiding from the bully after her lunch money… Only our lunch money was an ugly lowlife named Gorgeous Gail.

She came to, and we told her who hired us. Her response told us enough – 3-Eyes didn’t want her alive to bake her a welcome-home cake. She also told us why the Devils were so recently rich. Turns out they’d been making runs to Buckley for awhile now, delivering shipments of some kind of silver tube, purpose unknown, for large sums of cash. Gail had no way of knowing who ran Buckley or what they were actually after.

The Coursers were almost on top of us, but something else pulled them away – distracted them. Someone had pulled our fats out of the fire. But who?

We found out as soon as our ride showed up. The dwarven hacker, Hex – who evidently felt he had something better to do that day – had been all the distraction we needed, and he brought along new friends: Pandora and Diesel.

Everyone piled into the van and we got out. On the way, I suggested we put Gail out of her misery, rather than add to the tragedy of this sick city by giving her over to 3-Eyes, but the baser (greedy) natures of the group prevailed, and we handed her over. Money’s always talked, but I’ve never had a great taste for it when it was so soaked in blood.

3-Eyes was happy with his prize but none-too happy with the shootout at the apartments. He left Pavlov with a black eye and would have done more, if I hadn’t pointed out that the lie at the diner, and the badge at the apartments, weren’t implicating the HCC at all but Lone Star. A lucky break.

3-Eyes had bigger plans for us anyway. His little “chat” with Gail gave him the route the Devils took for their run to Buckley, and he wanted in on those payments. We were to intercept a shipment, take a look around the airfield, and bring back the payment – to the HCC, not the Devils.

Our plan seemed simple. Diesel would stalk the target, letting Hex hack the vehicle’s systems to shut it down. Then we would intercept it in a second car, on loan from the HCC, take out the Devils, and continue on to Buckley. In case of trouble, Pandora prepared a spike strip trap to physically disable the car. One way or the other, we’d set up the ambush.

Difficulties started when Merrick and I took a look around the airfield. We stumbled upon a checkpoint, drawing the suspicion of the Devils. We got out fine, but our first car was now known, and we’d need a new one. An easy problem for Pavlov to solve – he talked his way into the second set of wheels.

The plan was set.

Except as soon as the heist began, we realized the target was not alone.

Not even close.



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