Blurred Justice

Season 1 Chapter 4

The Buckley Job


From the notes of Tom Park

The target: a Devils delivery van loaded with something valuable to someone in Buckley.

The job: ambush it and take it down.

The problem: it wasn’t alone.

Three bikers escorted the van as it made its way from the Devils’ warehouse to the gate at Buckley, adding to our growing list of problems. Nevertheless, Diesel pursued with Pandora and Hex in tow, keeping a bead on the target. Tight driving kept him on course, and a lucky thing, cause the van took a new route than what we expected too.

Merrick, Pavlov and I hatched a new plan to ambush the convoy. We only had one spike strip and one jammer, but it would have to do. And they would need covering fire, so we headed east and dropped me off out of sight.

The neighborhood was as ugly as the gangers we’d been dealing with, but Lady Luck gave me one wink: it was also mostly abandoned. I found a two-story, gutted and left for dead, and set up shop with my trusty rifle, having a clear view of the road where we knew the payload would have to go down.

Several long seconds went by, then I saw the van, flanked by its go-gang escort, heading my way. Everything happened at once.

Merrick pulled out of the alley, right in front of the van. Pavlov kicked open the back doors, deployed the spike trap, and fired our signal jammer. Diesel, close behind the target as it came around the corner, threw his van around until it slammed into one of the tailing bikers. As he did that, the doors to his van opened, and Pandora opened fire from the back, taking out the other biker. One shot from me, meanwhile, took down the lead cyclist. And then Hex shut down the van.

It was over in a flash. The payload was disabled, its escort dead, and now we were headed into a firefight.

Like before, it was quick, brutal, and deadly – though this time Pavlov did not throw any flashbangs at himself or his allies. And when all was said and done, we were left with a pile of bodies to deal with, and ten strange devices in the target’s cargo.

Merrick and I loaded the bodies into the HCC’s van and sent it home. Meanwhile, Hex plugged himself into one of the devices – one of the two we were keeping for HCC.

  • Hex pulls a file off the payload but barely escapes
  • We drop off the delivery



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